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Dr. Victor T. L. Tsang, MD, FRCSC, FACS

Dr. Tsang is a General Surgeon with a clinical office in Vancouver, BC. He is a consultant General Surgeon at both Providence Health Care's (PHC's) Acute Care Hospitals: Mount Saint Joseph Hospital (MSJ) and St. Paul's Hospital (SPH). Dr. Tsang works primarily at the MSJ site and enjoys full clinical privileges including admission, surgery and endoscopy.


Office appointments and requests for consultation are by referral only. Please have your family physician fax referrals to 604-261-2064.


After reviewing the referral information,  Dr. Tsang and his team will arrange an office appointment. In certain clinical situations, you may qualify for a direct to surgery or direct to colonoscopy appointment. Where appropriate, a telephone consult appointment may be arranged.


Patients are welcome to contact our team of assistants at to check on the status of their referral. Ms. Ava Tong and Ms. Stephy Liang are conversant in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Please e-mail in English.


The average wait time for an office appointment is 3 months and the average wait time for surgery thereafter is another 3 months.

** As a result of the pandemic, we have experienced a significant increase in wait times for both an office appointment (3-6 months) and surgery (8-12 months) **

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